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A duo-dimension spell causes the caster to have only two dimensions, height and width, with no depth. He is thus invisible when turned sideways. This invisibility can be detected only by means of a true seeing spell or similar methods. In addition, the duodimensional wizard can pass through the thinnest of spaces as long as these have the proper height—going through the space between a door and its frame is a simple matter. The wizard can perform all actions normally. He can turn and become invisible, move in this state, and appear again next round and cast a spell, disappearing on the following round.

Note that when turned, the wizard cannot be affected by any form of attack, but when visible, he is subject to double the amount of damage normal for an attack form; for example, a dagger thrust would inflict 2d4 points of damage if it struck a duodimensional wizard. Furthermore, the wizard has a portion of his existence in the Astral

Plane when the spell is in effect, and he is subject to possible notice by creatures there. If noticed, it is 25% probable that the wizard is pulled entirely into the Astral Plane by any attack from an astral creature. Such an attack (and any subsequent attack received on the Astral Plane) inflicts normal damage.

The material components of this spell are a flat ivory likeness of the spellcaster (which must be of finest workmanship, gold filigreed, and enameled and gem-studded at an average cost of 500 to 1,000 gp) and a strip of parchment. As the spell is uttered, the parchment is given half a twist and joined at the ends. The figurine is then passed through the parchment loop, and both disappear forever.