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When this spell is cast, the wizard teleports some desired item from virtually any location directly to his hand. The single object can be no longer in any dimension than a sword, can have no more weight than a shield (about eight pounds), and must be nonliving.

To prepare this spell, the wizard must hold a gem of not less than 5,000 gp value in his hand and utter all but the final word of the conjuration. At some point in the future, he must crush the gem and utter the final word. The desired item is then transported instantly into the spellcaster's right or left hand, as he desires.

The item must have been previously touched during the initial incantation and specifically named; only that particular item is summoned by the spell. During the initial incantation, the gem becomes magically inscribed with the name of the item to be summoned. The inscription is invisible and unreadable, except by means of a read magic spell, to all but the wizard who cast the summons.

If the item is in the possession of another creature, the spell does not work, and the caster knows who the possessor is and roughly where he, she, or it is located when the summons is cast. Items can be summoned from other planes of existence, but only if such items are not in the possession (not necessarily the physical grasp) of another creature. For each level of experience above the 14th, the wizard is able to summon a desired item from one plane farther removed from the plane he is in at the time the spell is cast (one plane away at 14th level, two planes away at 15th, etc.). Thus, a wizard of 16th level could cast the spell even if the desired item was on the second layer of one of the Outer Planes, but at 14th level the wizard would be able to summon the item only if it were no farther than one of the Inner Planes, the Ethereal Plane, or the Astral Plane (see the Planescape Campaign Setting boxed set). Note that special wards or barriers, or factors that block the teleport or plane shift spells, may also block the operation of this spell. Objects in Leomund's secret chest cannot be recovered by using this spell.

Note: If the item is wizard marked, it can be summoned from anywhere on the same plane unless special local conditions apply. Furthermore, the details of the location of the item are more specific, and the item is more easily traceable with other types of scrying magic.