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This spell must be cast by a priest during the preparation of food for a meal. The spell is cast on any one quantity of food; thus, the priest could cast the spell on the batter of a wedding cake, or he could cast the spell on a quantity of onions as they are diced for both a salad and a stew. The spell affects 10 pounds of food per level of the caster. Anyone who eats the affected food (even a character who eats the salad but not the stew) is subject to the effects of the spell.

The effects of the spell begin five rounds after the food has been eaten. At that time, creatures who have eaten the affected food are allowed a saving throw; success indicates that a creature is not affected.

Affected creatures quickly become agitated. Petty events ranging from poor table manners to loud talking bother everyone. After five minutes, tempers flare, characters feel compelled to shout at and insult one another, and threats are hurled. Even normally calm characters will feel compelled to vent their frustrations violently.

Creatures maintain no alliances while under the effect of dissension's feast. A king and his wife who are normally madly in love will find themselves bickering with each other in a matter of minutes. Members of a diplomatic delegation might come to blows with each other within minutes of eating the food.

At the end of the spell duration, characters undergo the sensation of waking up. All are free to behave as they wish. Characters at the meal will still be angry, although they will have no idea why they became angry.