Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

By means of this spell, a wizard on the Prime Material Plane seeks to force or enable a creature from another plane of existence to return to its proper plane. Magic resistance, if any, is checked if this spell is used to force a being home. If the resistance fails, the caster's level is compared to the creature's level or Hit Dice. If the wizard's level is higher, the difference is subtracted from the creature's die roll for its saving throw vs. spell. If the creature's level or Hit Dice is higher, the difference is added to the saving throw roll.

If the creature desires to be returned to its home plane, no saving throw is necessary (it chooses to fail the roll).

If the spell is successful, the creature is instantly whisked away, but the spell has a 20% chance of actually sending the subject to a plane other than its own.

The material component is any item that is distasteful to the subject creature.