Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

By using this spell, the priest seals off the multidimensional existence of a magical, undead, or extraplanar creature. The affected creature can be forced entirely into its extraplanar dimension, which removes it from the physical world, or its extraplanar existence can be severed, forcing it entirely into the Prime Material Plane. If the priest’s level exceeds the subject’s level or Hit Dice, the subject is not allowed a saving throw, but creatures of higher level or Hit Dice than the caster are entitled to a saving throw vs. spell to negate the effect. Also note that magic resistance may apply, as well.

If used to banish an extraplanar or multidimensional creature, dimensional translocation prevents the creature from returning to the Prime Material Plane for the duration of the spell. The creature may be able to take other actions, such as using magical items or spell-like abilities on itself while it waits to return. If the caster instead forces an extradimensional creature into the Prime Material Plane, one or more of the following effects may apply, at the DM’s option:

  • The creature’s Armor Class may be reduced by 1d6 points for the duration of the spell.
  • The quality of a magical weapon needed to strike the creature may be reduced by one “plus”; for example, a monster normally hit by +2 or better weapons may become vulnerable to +1 weapons for the spell’s duration.
  • The creature may suffer permanent death upon the loss of all its hit points.
  • Use of 1d6 spell-like powers (such as gating in allies) may be limited or negated.
  • Undead creatures lose the ability to drain life energy levels.

This spell does not prevent extradimensional travel on the Prime Material Plane (i.e., dimension door, blinking, teleport, or similar effects), but it does prevent the subject from plane shifting or becoming ethereal while in effect.