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This spell enables the caster to cure most diseases by placing his hand upon the diseased creature. The affliction rapidly disappears thereafter, making the cured creature whole and well in from one turn to 10 days, depending on the type of disease and the state of its advancement when the cure took place. (The DM must adjudicate these conditions.) The spell is also effective against parasitic monsters such as green slime, rot grubs, and others. When cast by a priest of at least 12th level, this spell cures lycanthropy if cast within three days of the infection. Note that the spell does not prevent reoccurrence of a disease if the recipient is again exposed.

The reverse of the cure disease spell is cause disease. To be effective, the priest must touch the intended victim, and the victim must fail a saving throw vs. spell. The severity of the disease is decided by the priest (debilitating or fatal). The exact details of the disease are decided by the DM, but the following are typical: Debilitating: The disease takes effect in 1d6 turns, after which the creature loses 1 point of Strength per hour until his Strength is reduced to 2 or less, at which time the recipient is weak and virtually helpless. If a creature has no Strength rating, it loses 10% of its hit points per Strength loss, down to 10% of its original hit points. If the disease also affects hit points, use the more severe penalty. Recovery requires a period of 1d3 weeks.

Fatal: This wasting disease is effective immediately. Infected creatures receive no benefit from cure wound spells while the disease is in effect; wounds heal at only 10% of the natural rate. The disease proves fatal within 1d6 months and can be cured only by magical means. Each month the disease progresses, the creature loses 2 points of Charisma, permanently.

The inflicted disease can be cured by the cure disease spell. Lycanthropy cannot be caused.