Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

With this spell, the caster generates a squadron of tiny invisible servants who create a campsite for the caster and his companions. The caster indicates the desired area for the campsite (an area of 50-foot radius or less) and the number of persons the campsite is to accommodate (a number of persons equal to three times the level of the caster).

The servants clear the area of debris, set up tents and bedrolls, start a campfire, fetch water, and prepare a bland meal. The campsite is so skillfully prepared that it blends with the surrounding terrain, reducing the chance that the camp could be noticed by 50%.

Campfires, loud noises, and other activities can negate this.

The entire process takes 4-16 (4d4) rounds to complete.

The servants make camp with the gear and equipment provided for them; otherwise, the servants will improvise with materials available in the immediate area (50 yards of the designated campsite). For instance, if the party has no tents or beds, the servants will construct crude but comfortable beds of weeds and grass and temporary shelters of leaves and branches. If no materials are available, such as in the desert or similarly barren terrain, the servants will do their best to make the party as comfortable as possible within the environmental limitations.

The servants cannot fight for the party, deliver messages, or take any other actions other than creating the campsite.

The material components are a piece of string, a bit of wood, and a drop of water.

The reverse, break camp, causes the invisible servants to strike a campsite (an area of 50-foot radius or less). The servants extinguish fires, dispose of debris, and pack gear for a number of people equal to three times the level of the caster. The entire process takes 4- 16 (4d4) rounds to complete. When completed, all traces of the campsite are eliminated.

The material components are the same as those for create campsite.