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For The Wizard Spell, see Control Weather (Wizard).

The control weather spell enables a priest to change the weather in the local area. The spell affects the weather for 4d12 hours in an area of 4d4 square miles. It requires one turn to cast the spell, and an additional 1d4 turns for the effects of the spell to be felt. The current weather conditions are decided by the DM, depending on the climate and season.

Weather conditions have three components: precipitation, temperature, and wind. The spell can change these conditions according to the following chart: Precipitation Temperature Wind CLEAR HOT CALM very clear sweltering heat dead calm light clouds or hazy warm light wind PARTLY CLOUDY WARM moderate wind clear weather hot MODERATE WIND cloudy cool calm mist/light rain/hail COOL strong wind sleet/light snow warm STRONG WIND CLOUDY cold moderate wind partly cloudy COLD gale deep clouds cool GALE fog arctic cold strong wind heavy rain/large hail storm gale driving sleet/snow STORM hurricane The upper-case headings represent existing weather conditions. The lower-case headings below are the new conditions to which the caster can change the existing conditions. In addition, the caster can control the direction of the wind. For example, a day that is clear, warm, and with moderate wind can be controlled to become hazy, hot, and calm. Contradictions are not possible—fog and strong wind, for example. Multiple control weather spells can be used only in succession.

The material components for this spell are the priest's religious symbol, incense, and prayer beads or similar prayer object. Obviously, the spell functions only in areas where there are appropriate climatic conditions.

If Weather is a major sphere for the priest (as it is for druids), duration and area are doubled, and the caster can change the prevailing weather by two places. For example, he can cause precipitation to go from partly cloudy to heavy sleet, temperature to go from cool to arctic, and wind to go from calm to strong.