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This spell allows the priest to determine how one recent event fits into the "grand scheme." By casting this spell, the priest can determine whether the sequence or situation that gave rise to the specific event is complete or whether it is ongoing; whether it was a significant or insignificant event in the larger picture; or whether it will continue to have repercussions for the participants.

Using his knowledge of circumstances, the DM communicates these facts to the caster's player. This "arcane message" is normally straightforward and easy to understand, but in the case of highly complex circumstances, the message might be cryptic. In any case, the message will always be truthful.

As an example, consider a priest and his party who are on a holy quest to retrieve an item of power. On the way to the location of this item, the party is ambushed by evil creatures from the Inner Planes but manages to defeat them. Concerned that these creatures might be outlying guards protecting the item of interest, the priest casts consequence, hoping for guidance. The DM knows that these creatures have nothing to do with the quest; the encounter was coincidental. However, the surviving monsters will soon be returning with reinforcements to avenge their dead. Therefore, the DM tells the priest's player, "To your goals these have no place, but still they can cause more woe." Casting this spell "taints" subsequent castings of the same spell within a 24-hour span. A second attempt within this period always results in the same message as the first, regardless of the true situation. If a second priest casts the spell within 24 hours of another casting, he receives an accurate reading.

The material component is three special coins or dice made of platinum (total value of at least 1,000 gp), which the priest tosses in his hand while concentrating on the spell.

The coins or dice are not consumed in the casting.