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The victim of compulsive order is compelled to place everything he encounters into perfect order. If he discovers treasure, he divides it into tidy piles or containers of silver, gold, and copper. He is reluctant to enter a dungeon because it is a messy place, but once inside, he is obsessed with cleaning it. A character under the power of this spell will sweep dirt from dungeon corridors into neat piles, arrange the corpses of a defeated orc band according to size, dash forward to remove a bit of lint on clothing, and insist that the party organize themselves alphabetically, then by size, and then by age. While the spell does not affect a character's abilities, the overwhelming desire for order impairs the character's usefulness in most adventures.

When a character afflicted by this spell attempts to undertake a new event (begin a battle, haggle with the merchant, etc.), the player must rationalize the action on the basis of his compulsion for order. Thus, the character cannot simply attack a goblin; he must announce a condition such as attacking the tallest goblin and fighting his way down according to size. Once stated, the character must follow through with this plan.

If the player cannot conceive a rationale for his character's behavior, the character is forced to delay his actions for 1d6 rounds, with the time spent in preparation for the subsequent action. The character spends time arranging spell components artistically, deciding how to hold his sword, cleaning his weapon, etc.

Anyone affected by compulsive order may become violent if he is prevented from being neat. He will do what he must to make the world around him more orderly. If he is allowed to organize his surroundings, he will quickly calm down again. The victim will constantly petition the people around him to be neat and organized.

The victim is allowed a saving throw to avoid the effects of the spell. Compulsive order can be removed with a dispel magic spell.

The material component is a perfect cube made of metal.