Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell clears away weeds, stones, and other debris in a 10-foot-wide path extending 10 feet in front of the caster. The caster can create a continuous path for the duration of the spell, clearing a 10-foot-square ahead of him as long as he continues to move forward. The spell affects jungles, forests, rocky ground, and snow.

The result of the cleared path is that movement costs are reduced by half. This is reflected in a reduction of the penalty against movement in rough terrain. (See Table 74 of the Dungeon Master's Guide for terrain costs for movement.) For example, if clear path is used in heavy jungle, the movement cost is reduced from 8 to 4. In no case can clear path reduce movement cost below 1.

Clear path has no effect on rivers, lakes, or other bodies of water, nor does it affect quicksand, lava, or similar natural obstacles. It also has no effect on magically-created terrain or manmade barricades.

A priest using the clear path spell can be tracked easily. Tracking proficiency is not required.

The material components are a knife blade and a straw from a broom.

The reverse, clutter path, causes weeds, small stones, and similar debris to litter a 10- foot path extending 10 feet behind the caster. This hides a trail, making tracking more difficult. The caster can create a continuous path for the duration of the spell. The chance to successfully track on a cluttered path is reduced by 50%.

The material components are a handful of pebbles and a handful of weeds.