Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

By casting circle of sunmotes, the priest creates a hemispherical shell filled with sparkling, glowing motes of bright sunlight. A one-foot radius globe of sunlight appears at the height of the caster's head in the exact center of the circle.

Creatures within the area of effect who are friendly to the cleric experience the glowing motes as warm, invigorating, inspiring, and healing. They are healed for 1d6 hit points, gain the benefit of an aid spell for 1 turn after the circle of sunmotes is created, gain +1 bonuses to all attack and damage rolls, and gain a +2 bonus to morale.

Enemies of the priest experience the same sunmotes as blinding, burning, and damaging. They must save versus spell or be blinded for 1 turn after the sunmotes are created. Each enemy is struck by a small fiery mote causing 1d4+1 points of damage (no saving throw is allowed, but creatures with magical fire resistance suffer only half damage), and suffers a -2 penalty to morale.

Companions of the cleric who step within 10 feet of the glowing miniature sun at the center of the effect are healed of 1d8+2 hit points. This affects each creature only once during the spell's duration.

Enemies of the priest who come within 10 feet of the minisun are burned for 1d8+2 points of fire damage. No saving throw is allowed, but creatures possessing magical resistance against fire suffer only half damage.

Companions of the priest who are outside the area of effect view enemies within the circle as if they are affected by golden faerie fire. Creatures affected by the faerie fire suffer a -2 penalty to armor class from attacks by creatures outside the circle.

Enemies of the priest outside the circle view the priest's allies as if obscured by a blinding light and suffer a -2 penalty to missile attacks against them.