Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

Champion's strength bestows one member of a group with attack and damage bonuses from the rest of the group. The recipient of the spell can then fight as the group's champion.

The spell draws bonuses from one person for every two levels of the priest. All characters involved must be within a 30'-radius of the priest. At the time of casting, the priest designates the recipient of the spell and the contributors. All characters who contribute to the spell must do so willingly.

When the spell is completed, the designated character (the group's champion) gains any non-magical bonuses to THAC0 and damage possessed by the characters who contributed to the spell. Characters without bonuses or with combat penalties could conceivably be included in the spell; such characters count against the maximum number of creatures that can be affected. Penalties are likewise applied to the champion; contributors to this spell must be chosen carefully.

The bonuses gained through this spell are added to the character's own bonuses (if any). The champion channels the energy of others through himself, improving his fighting ability.

The champion must be in the line of sight and within 30 feet of the characters aiding him. Characters who contribute their bonuses must concentrate on the champion for the duration of the spell. If this concentration is broken (by moving more than 10 feet per round, fighting, being struck, or losing sight of the champion), that character's contribution is immediately lost.

The spell expires when the last character contributing power to the champion ceases concentration.

A champion may benefit from only one champion's strength spell at one time.

Contributors can aid only one champion at one time.

The material component is a chain of five gold links worth at least 1,000 gp.