Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

The Bigby's crushing hand spell creates a huge, disembodied hand similar to those of the other Bigby's hand spells. The crushing hand is under the mental control of the caster, and he can cause it to grasp and squeeze an opponent. No attack roll is necessary; the hand automatically grasps and inflicts constriction damage in any round in which the wizard concentrates. The damage inflicted depends on the number of rounds it acts upon the victim:

1st round 1d10 points

2nd & 3rd rounds 2d10 points

4th & beyond 4d10 points

The crushing hand has an Armor class of 0, has as many hit points as its caster at full strength, and vanishes when destroyed. The hand is susceptible to normal combat attacks and damaging spells, but if it is struck by an area-effect spell, the person held suffers the same fate as the hand (i.e., if the hand fails its saving throw, the victim automatically fails his). The hand is not effective against noncorporeal or gaseous forms, but it does prevent creatures that are able to slip through small cracks from escaping. If the hand grasps an item or construction, the appropriate saving throw must be made as if squeezed by a Strength of 25.

The material components of the spell are a glove of snake skin and the shell of an egg.