Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell alters probability to favor one character or creature locked in battle. His opponent may stumble at an awkward time, a clumsy parry might catch the enemys weapon at just the right angle, or he happens to notice the foe moving in for a flank attack. The more powerful the priest, the more potent the aid; combat modifiers provided by battlefate equal +1 per three levels, so a 1st-level caster provides a +1 bonus, a 4th-level caster a +2 bonus, a 7th-level caster a +3, and so on to a maximum of +5 for a 13th-level priest. The exact form of the aid or assistance varies from round to round

  1. No Effect
  2. Bonus to AC
  3. Bonus to Saves
  4. Bonus to Attack rolls
  5. Bonus to Damage rolls
  6. Extra attack with a bonus to attack or damage (subject's choice)

The material component for this spell is an electrum coin tossed by the priest as he casts the spell.