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The baatezu are the primary inhabitants of the Nine Hells. They are a strong, evil tempered race held together by an equally strong organization. The baatezu live in a rigid caste system where authority is derived from power and station.

The baatezu wish to fulfill their ancient quest to destroy the tanar'ri, their blood enemies. The baatezu also know that by infiltrating humans and entering their world they will gain power over the tanar'ri. Toward this end they constantly strive to dominate the Prime Material plane and its natives.

The baatezu are divided into three groups: greater, lesser, and least. Below are listed a few:

Greater baatezu Lesser baatezu least baatezu
amnizu abishai (black, green, red) nupperibo
cornugon barbazu spinagon
gelugon erinyes
Pit Fiend hamatula

In addition, there are the lemures, the common "foot soldiers" of the baatezu at the very bottom in station.


All baatezu except for lemures, nupperibo, and spinagon are able to perform the following magical abilities, once per round, at will: advanced illusion, animate dead, charm person, infravision, know alignment (always active), suggestion, and teleport without error.

Baatezu are affected by the following attack forms:

Attack Damage Attack Damage
acid full cold half*
electricity (lightning) full fire (dragon, magical) none*
gas half iron weapon none**
magic missile full poison none
silver weapon full***
* the gelugon suffers half damage from fire and none from cold.
** unless affected by normal weapons.
*** greater baatezu suffer half damage from silver weapons.