Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

The priest casting an augury spell seeks to divine whether an action in the immediate future (within one-half hour) will benefit or harm the party. For example, if a party is considering the destruction of a weird seal that closes a portal, an augury spell can be used to find if weal or woe will be the immediate result. If the spell is successful, the DM yields some indication of the probable outcome: "weal," "woe," or possibly a cryptic puzzle or rhyme. The base chance for receiving a meaningful reply is 70%, plus 1% for each level of the priest casting the spell; for example, 71% at 1st level, 72% at 2nd, etc.

Your DM determines any adjustments for the particular conditions of each augury.

For example, if the question is "Will we do well if we venture to the third level?" and a terrible troll guarding 10,000 sp and a shield +1 lurks near the entrance to the level (which the DM estimates the party could beat after a hard fight), the augury might be: "Great risk brings great reward." If the troll is too strong for the party, the augury might be: "Woe and destruction await!" Likewise, a party casting several auguries about the same action in quick succession might receive identical answers, regardless of the dice rolls.

The material component for an augury spell is a set of gem-inlaid sticks, dragon bones, or similar tokens of at least 1,000 gp value (which are not expended in casting).