Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell reveals to the caster all spells, enchantments, dweomers, and magical properties present in one creature or object. One property, spell, or power is revealed each round in approximate order of when the spells were cast or the properties were acquired. (If the DM doesn't know which spells were placed on the subject first, a random roll for order of discovery is fine.) The caster has a base 50% chance to discern the existence and identity of a particular spell or property, +2% per level to a maximum of 99%. The only enchantments that remain inscrutable to analyze are those surrounding artifacts or relics.

A 16th level wizard finds an unknown wand and decides to use analyze dweomer to study it. The DM knows that it's a wind of fire, and he decides that the spells enchant an item, fireball,burning hands, and wall of fire were used to create the wand, in that order.In the first round,the wizard has an 82% chance to discover fireball;in the next round, an 82% chance to perceive burning hands; and so on, for all remaining enchantment.Note that the DM could have decided that any rare or unusual materials or process used to create the wand would also be revealed as if they were spells.

After the wizard analyzes one object or creature, the spell ends, even if its duration has not expired yet. Casting this spell is physically taxing;the wizard must pass a system shock check or be exhausted and unable to do anything but rest for the next 1d8 hours. While this spell is most frequently used in the comfort and safety of the wizard's laboratory, a mage could also cast analyze dweomer to study the magical seals and barriers on a portal, to determine just how a companion has been cursed, or to examine a potential opponent for defensive spells.

The material component for this spell is a tiny lens of ruby or sapphire set in a small golden loop.The gemstone must be worth at least 1000 gp.