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By casting this spell, the wizard learns what ingredients and formulas were used to create a chemical mixture or magical item.

The information instantly appears in the caster's mind but may be lost if the wizard cannot comprehend it. The caster must roll an Intelligence check; if successful, the wizard understands the formula and retains it in his memory. If the roll is missed, the caster cannot comprehend what he has learned and the information is immediately forgotten. If the spell is cast a second time on the same substance, the spell automatically fails unless the wizard has advanced to the next experience level.

The caster's level determines the type of information gleaned:

5th Level: The type and quantity of ingredients and the preparation process required to produce a non-magical mixture are learned. For example, the wizard could learn how to produce Greek fire or gunpowder, or could learn the recipe for something simple, like chocolate cake.

9th Level: The wizard may learn the proper ingredients ingredients and formula for making a magical liquid (potion, scroll ink, etc.).

14th Level: The caster may learn the formula for creating any type of magical object, excluding unique items and objects of extreme power (artifacts and relics).

In all cases, simply knowing the proper formula does not mean the wizard can successfully create the item or material. The construction of alchemical mixtures and magical items is a time consuming and expensive undertaking.

This spell has detrimental effects on the magical item analyzed. Single-use items (potions, oils, etc.) are automatically destroyed; the spell consumes the item in the process of analyzing it. Reusable magical items must make a saving throw vs. disintegration. If the saving throw is failed, Alamir's fundamental breakdown releases the magic of the item in an explosive blast, rendering it permanently nonmagical. The caster suffers 4d8 points of damage from the explosion.

The material component is a wand cut from a 100-year-old oak tree. The wand is used to touch the item in question, and vanishes in a puff of smoke when the spell is complete.