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This spell enables the caster to affect the aging of any plant, seed, or tree. The process can operate either forward or backward, causing flowers to blossom, seeds to sprout and grow, and trees to bear fruit; or fruit to turn to blossoms, trees to become saplings, and new shoots to turn to seeds.

The change in age, either forward or backward, is chosen by the priest at the time of casting. The changes associated with normal or reversed growth occur instantaneously.

Plants can be altered in age up to 10 years per level of the caster. The caster can stop the aging at any point within the limits imposed by his level; he could cause a tree to grow from a sapling until it withers and dies from old age or he could stop the tree's growth at a stage at which it would shelter his home.

The spell does not alter the appearance or characteristics of a plant except those that result from normal aging (or regression). Age plant has no effect on magically-generated plants or plant-type monsters.

The material components are the priest's holy symbol and the petal from an apple blossom.