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This spell can send an extraplanar creature back to its own plane of existence. The spell fails against entities of demigod status or greater, but their servants or minions can be abjured. If the creature has a specific (proper) name, it must be known and used. Any magic resistance of the subject must be overcome, or the spell fails. The priest has a 50% chance of success (a roll of 11 or better on 1d20). The roll is adjusted by the difference in level or Hit Dice between the caster and the creature being abjured; the number needed is decreased if the priest has more Hit Dice and increased if the creature has more Hit Dice.

If the spell is successful, the creature is instantly hurled back to its own plane. The affected creature must survive a system shock check. If the creature does not have a Constitution score, the required roll is 70% + 2%/Hit Die or level. The caster has no control over where in the creature's plane the abjured creature arrives. If the attempt fails, the priest must gain another level before another attempt can be made on that particular creature.

The spell requires the priest's holy symbol, holy water, and some material inimical to the creature.

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